Celtics Fan Drools Beer On Himself And Becomes MVP of ESPN Braodcast

celtics fan drools beer on self.

Whatever it Takes For Those 15 Minutes of Fame

Preseason anything is not exciting. I constantly tune in to preseason football and basketball thinking I’m going to see some resemblance of a real game.

I don’t.

A staple of watching a basketball broadcast is how the people behave in the seats directly behind the broadcast booth. You get a lot of the usual waving to the camera, looking at themselves on the jumbo screen, or taking a phone call asking a friend how good they look on television.

This wonderful Celtics fan changed the game. He wanted to do something rememberable. At least that is what I assume. Or he was drunk and couldn’t swallow anymore beer. Either way, he drooled beer all over himself during the Celtics-Knicks broadcast and gave me quite a laugh.