Celebrities take self pics they may regret (26 Pics)

Yes, it’s true, celebrities take self pics too! In fact, they seem more human that way!

Beyonce looking like a tough girl.

Beiber doing his “I’m taking a shit don’t bother me” face.

The “Hamm rests on Braff’s shoulder”

Nic Cage “Go ahead take the pic quick”, “I’m stoned and need to get some rest”

The Rebel and Anne

Chris Pratt, “I’m too cool for myself”

Paul Rudd and Conan saying “caption this”.

Tyra Banks, hot damn!

Harry Potter and Joseph Gordon Levitt, are really that happy?

The “Conan and Ricky Bubble Bath Time”

Oprah “I am so pretty”.

Photo bombing Neil Patrick Harris style.

James Franco with his sexy eye pads.

50 Cent loving you long time.

The Snoop Dog pancake face.

Tyler the Creator “I bought these in a vending machine”

Diddy posing with Mona Lisa, hell yeah baby.

Eminem trying to out do the Diddy.

The Donald and Bret making fun of the Don’s hair.

The Diddy talking to Kim on the phone.

Brooklyn Decker doing the duck face.

Tom Hanks, “they will never recognize me”.

Elijah wood posing with himself.

Chrissy Teigen, oh crap, I do have a few chins.

Twins, Hillary and Meryl. Ok, they are not twins.

Hillary Duff scaring the crap out of a baby.




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