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Greatest Mom in the World Plans Easter Beer Hunt for Her Grown Children

March 27, 2016 | Tags: Beer, Holiday, Radass, Videos

The Exact Moment Ben Affleck Realizes ‘Batman v Superman’ Sucks is Painful But Funny at the Same Time

March 25, 2016 | Tags: Celebrities, Funny, Movies, Videos

Sad Ben Affleck Breaks My Heart The reviews have been brutal for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (29% on Rotten Tomatoes as of this writing.) I, like many comic book fans, really wanted this movie to be good. No one expected great things with Zack Snyder directing, but with several Oscar-nominated or winning actors… Continue Reading

Archer Gets Drunk (Duh) And Reviews Every James Bond Film Ever (Video)

March 25, 2016 | Tags: Funny, TV Shows, Videos

Lucky 19-Year-Old Survived the Boston, Paris, and Brussels Attacks

March 25, 2016 | Tags: News, Right Featured, Videos

Spring Breaker Backflips Off Truck And Knocks Out Unsuspecting Bystander (Video)

March 25, 2016 | Tags: College, Parties, Videos

Women React to Getting Their Nipples Pierced for the First Time

March 24, 2016 | Tags: Body art, Featured, Girls, Videos

Cash Cars Salesman Was Born To Sell Used Cars (Video)

March 24, 2016 | Tags: Funny, LOL, Videos

Top 10 Spring Break 2016 Videos… So Far

March 23, 2016 | Tags: Featured, Fun, Parties, Videos

Four Sets of Twins Perform a Hilarious Time Machine Prank On the Subway (Video)

March 23, 2016 | Tags: Funny, Pranks, Videos

Cyclist Lays Down The Law To Cop Trying To Harass Him

March 23, 2016 | Tags: Like a Boss, Police, Radass, Right Featured, Videos

Bird Whisperer is Keeping our Streets Clear and Safe (Video)

March 23, 2016 | Tags: Animals, Videos

So, Just Why Do We Have Butt Hair?

March 22, 2016 | Tags: Funny, LOL, People, Videos

Watching 6000 Matches Burn To The Very End Is Oddly Satisfying (Video)

March 22, 2016 | Tags: Featured, Interesting, Videos

Relive The Best Wrestlemania Entrances in History And Get Pumped (Video)

March 21, 2016 | Tags: Sports, Videos, WWE

Kid Falls Asleep with Goldfish in Nose, What He Does With It Will Make You Laugh Your A** Off

March 21, 2016 | Tags: Featured, Funny, LOL, Pranks, Videos

Learn How to Make a Mini Rocket But Please Don’t Blow Your Hand Off (Video)

March 21, 2016 | Tags: Awesome, Videos

This Skateboarder’s Tricks Are So Insane He Must Be A Wizard (Video)

March 20, 2016 | Tags: Skateboarding, Sports, Videos

Deaf Women Hears For the First Time and It’s Her Boyfriend’s Proposal (Video)

March 18, 2016 | Tags: Radass, Videos

The New X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer is So Angry (Video)

March 17, 2016 | Tags: Movies, Trailer, Videos

Irish Guy Knocks Himself Out After Chugging Beer Upside Down (Video)

March 17, 2016 | Tags: Funny, Holiday, Videos

Extreme Downhill Ice Skating Looks Crazy Dangerous

March 16, 2016 | Tags: Dangerous, Extreme Sports, Videos

Molten Copper Bouncing Off a Bic Mac Doesn’t Actually Mean You Shouldn’t Eat Them

March 16, 2016 | Tags: Food, Videos

Fort Worth Cop Maces Bikers (Video)

March 16, 2016 | Tags: Dangerous, Police, Right Featured, Videos, WTF

Irish People Eat Fatty American Foods Because St. Patrick’s Day (Video)

March 16, 2016 | Tags: Food, Funny, Left Featured, Videos
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