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Face Swaps Are Just Plane Creepy (30 Pics)

October 15, 2013 | Tags: Funny, LOL, WTF

Librarian Shaming, WTF is Next? (20 Photos)

October 14, 2013 | Tags: Fads, Funny, Radass, WTF

WTF is Going On Around Here? (40 Pics)

October 12, 2013 | Tags: Funny, LOL, WTF

Why… Because Yolo… My Next 24 Pizzas of Choice

October 8, 2013 | Tags: America, Featured, Food, Other, Things I want, WTF

17 Crazy Online Transactions

October 7, 2013 | Tags: Featured, Funny, Lists, Other, WTF

Real Men Don’t Like Douches Only Fake Women Do. (23 PICS)

October 3, 2013 | Tags: Funny, People, Radass, WTF


Welcome To The Internet (35 Pics)

October 2, 2013 | Tags: Featured, Funny, LOL, WTF

I Would Date You But (48 PICS)

September 20, 2013 | Tags: Fail, Funny, I would date you but, People, Radass, WTF

Guys, Just Don’t Fu@cking Do It (24 Pics)

September 12, 2013 | Tags: Fail, Funny, LOL, WTF

14 Reasons It Sucks To Be Left Handed

September 3, 2013 | Tags: People, Radass, Rebels without a cause, WTF

Let’s Face It, It Sucks To Be Left Handed In a Right Handed World Trying to eat dinner and bumping elbows with the person next to you The inventor of these desks was definitely not left handed And those damn can openers, FML every time Left handers have to purchase more soap than right handers do… Continue Reading

Welcome To The Internet (38 Pics)

September 3, 2013 | Tags: Funny, LOL, WTF

I Got This (33 Pics)

August 29, 2013 | Tags: Funny, LOL, Radass, WTF

It’s Getting Weird Around Here

August 29, 2013 | Tags: Funny, LOL, Photoshop, Radass, WTF

Miley Cyrus Get Her Ass Kicked on Twitter

August 28, 2013 | Tags: Celebrities, Fail, Featured, Radass, WTF

Miley Cyrus Was Open Game on Twitter This Week. How we all really saw Miley Cyrus on the VMA’s that night. Dat ass. Dat chicken ass. Dat’s bad. Real bad. Twerking was cool before Miley. Dafuq was that? Miley will twerk on anything. Take that Mona baby. The celebrity cam at the VMA’s. WTF Just… Continue Reading

It’s Time To Learn About Expressions (39 Pics)

August 28, 2013 | Tags: Funny, LOL, People, WTF

‘Nerd Vandalism’ The Perfect Formula for Laughs (3 Pics and Vine)

August 26, 2013 | Tags: Funny, LOL, Radass, WTF

‘Nerd vandalism’ proves to be the perfect formula for laughs as two teens terrorize their neighborhood with math graffiti in Vine video that has gone viral. A couple of teenagers have come up with the perfect formula for a funny vine, with their Eric and Winston nerd vandal sketch. The six-second film shows the bow-tie wearing… Continue Reading

You Can Use a Dose of The Truth (35 Pics)

August 26, 2013 | Tags: Facts, Funny, LOL, WTF

Go Home Pinterest You’re Drunk (32 Pics)

August 24, 2013 | Tags: Funny, LOL, WTF

WTF China (39 Pics)

August 24, 2013 | Tags: Featured, Other, WTF

Somethings Are Just a Bit Disturbing (32 Pics)

August 22, 2013 | Tags: Other, WTF

Google Maps Find All The Good Stuff (25 Pics)

August 21, 2013 | Tags: Funny, LOL, WTF

You Need Some WFT This Monday Morning (27 Pics)

August 19, 2013 | Tags: Funny, LOL, WTF

There Have Been Funny Signs Spotted Around The World (23 Pics)

August 13, 2013 | Tags: Funny, LOL, WTF

18 Russian Brides Meet Their Creepy Foreign Husbands

August 12, 2013 | Tags: LOL, People, WTF
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