Guinness has a world record for everything [16 PICS]

February 17, 2013 | Tags: Awesome, Radass, WTF | 384 Views

Stretchiest skin: Garry Turner of Great Britain is able to stretch the skin of his stomach to a length of 6.25 inches. Smallest and tallest living horses: The smallest living horse is a miniature sorrel brown mare who measures 17.5 inches and the tallest living horse is a Belgian draft horse measuring at 79.5 inches…. Continue Reading

WTFF stands for What The F**k Friday! [49 PICS]

February 15, 2013 | Tags: Funny, Radass, WTF | 296 Views


Some people shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce! [64 PICS]

February 1, 2013 | Tags: Fail, Funny, Radass, WTF | 434 Views

                                                                                                             … Continue Reading

We are swapping faces for good [26 PICS]

January 30, 2013 | Tags: Funny, LOL, Radass, WTF | 503 Views


The WTF Singalong [VIDEO]

January 22, 2013 | Tags: Funny, Radass, Videos, WTF | 135 Views

Frosting, cause planking is so yesterday [42 PICS]

January 22, 2013 | Tags: Funny, LOL, Radass, WTF | 211 Views

Is frosting the a “cool” trend or what? If winter’s already getting you down, you might want to resort to the latest Facebook trend and pretend the temperature can’t stop you.  Frosting — not to be confused with past trends like planking, porting or milking — means dressing up in your summer gear and snapping pictures of yourself re-creating… Continue Reading

Spencers: edgy, humorous and lots of fun [19 PICS]

January 17, 2013 | Tags: Funny, LOL, Radass, WTF | 208 Views


So, they got a little drunk [37 PICS]

January 12, 2013 | Tags: Funny, LOL, People, Radass, WTF | 336 Views


What do you do for a living? Weird job titles [17 PICS]

January 8, 2013 | Tags: Funny, Lists, People, Radass, WTF | 324 Views

Bear Biologist And Paperfolder – Paperfolder?   A Cunning Linguist – A fancy way of saying he is a bullshitter   Bride Kidnapping Expert – Where was he when I got married?   In charge of the big door – Really?   Chief Of Unicorn Division – At least he’s a Chief   Chief Trouble Maker – Started his schooling… Continue Reading

A new Japanese trend [18 PICS]

January 3, 2013 | Tags: Fail, People, Radass, WTF | 350 Views


They just don’t make them like they use to. [46 PICS]

January 2, 2013 | Tags: Funny, LOL, Radass, WTF | 224 Views


These are real pets, not comedians [40 PICS]

December 31, 2012 | Tags: Animals, Funny, Radass, WTF | 140 Views


The Immortal Happy Meal [24 PICS]

December 27, 2012 | Tags: Featured, Food, Other, Radass, WTF | 284 Views

Karen Hanrahan has been using the same McDonald’s hamburger as a prop in her “Healthy Choices for Children” class — and it’s hardly aged a day. McDonald’s should add “immortality” to its list of Unique Selling Propositions for its burgers (unless Karen has an ornate oil painting of the burger in her living room in… Continue Reading

Christmas time means a little “wtf” [43 PICS]

December 26, 2012 | Tags: Funny, Radass, WTF | 222 Views


Well just because you’re rich doesn’t mean you need to brag about it on Instagram. [34 PICS]

December 18, 2012 | Tags: Funny, LOL, People, Radass, WTF | 341 Views


Mondays are full of WTF [33 PICS]

December 10, 2012 | Tags: Fail, Funny, Radass, WTF | 341 Views

WTF tattoos are forever. [29 PICS]

December 6, 2012 | Tags: Fail, Funny, LOL, Radass, WTF | 438 Views


Everyone has one Awkward Family Photo [17 PICS]

November 24, 2012 | Tags: Funny, LOL, Radass, WTF | 413 Views

To make you feel better about your awkward family photos, you should wallow in the misery of others! Here are some horribly embarrassing family photos!

Some of the strangest bras ever made [19 PICS]

November 24, 2012 | Tags: Crafty Stuff, Funny, Radass, WTF | 376 Views


She wanted to look like anime (Japanese cartoon) character [20 PICS]

November 23, 2012 | Tags: Other, People, Radass, WTF | 167 Views

29-year-old Singapore fashion designer Jacqueline Koh has spent $136,000 over the past several years on ten surgeries. She wanted to look like an anime type character. Spending a whopping $136,000 over the past several years, Koh was committed to completely…

1960 Japanese sex guide [13 PICS]

November 22, 2012 | Tags: Funny, Radass, WTF | 734 Views


Eating these burgers might just break the bank! [10 pics]

November 15, 2012 | Tags: Featured, Food, Other, Radass, WTF | 204 Views

Burgers from $100 – $5000.                   Source:

Mary-Kate Olsen & her creepy 42-year-old boyfriend [11 PICS]

November 14, 2012 | Tags: Celebrities, People, Radass, WTF | 238 Views

Consenting adults Mary-Kate Olsen, 26, and Olivier Sarkozy, 42, are dating each other. Mary Kate and her new boyfriend Oliver Sarkozy were seen at a Knicks game in New York City.  Sarkozy gives her a “daddy loves you kiss” while the look on Mary Kate’s face is saying, WTF?              … Continue Reading

The weirdest photo shoot ever [41 PICS]

November 14, 2012 | Tags: People, Radass, WTF | 278 Views

The props on this photo shoot will just kill you! Hard to figure to say the least.                                                                            … Continue Reading

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