27 Funny Tweets From Married Men That Prove Humor is the Most Important Part of Marriage (Photos)

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How The Irish Do Greeting Cards (12 Photos)

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Aussie Kid Plays Prank on Dad and it’s F#%king Hilarious (Video)

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Things I Might Have on My “Last Man On Earth To Do List”

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It’s Officially Summer When… (29 Photos)

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Fourth Grade Students Explain What Life Will Be Like at 40

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That’s So Pucking Punny (28 Puns)

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Old Dude Hilariously Explains The Meaning of Dank Meme (Video)

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The Pure Joy of This Woman Will Make Your Day!

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25 High School Graduates Who Did the Yearbook Quote Right (Photos)

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Parents Find Toddler’s Toy Mispronounces “Cake” With Something A Lot More Hilarious

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19 Photos That’ll Make You Laugh Harder Than You Should

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Cats Are Adorable Assholes And Deserve to Be Shamed (31 Photos)

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34 Graduation Caps That Gave Students One Last Chance to Show Off Their Funny Side (Photos)

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Why Do These Stock Photos Even Exist? (31 Photos)

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Breakdancer Hilariously Upstages Stephen A. Smith During Cavs-Raptors Post-Game Show (Video)

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Moments of Instant Regret That Will Make You Happy To Be You (15 Gifs)

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The Hand-Follow Picdump is So Much Better This Way (4 Photos)

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24 Times Airport Security Got Real Awkward

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18 People With Instant Hook-Up Regret (Photos)

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Practical Joke Embarrasses First Time Flyer When Security Searches His Bag

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If You Want To Laugh Your Ass Off, Get In Here Now!

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25 Old Snapchats Too Good To Let Die

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You’ll Never Be As Cool As These Goats (25 Photos)

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