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Well, I Didn’t See That Coming (30 Pics)

July 26, 2013 | Tags: Awesome, Funny, LOL, Perfect World

A Dad’s Passion (5 Pics)

July 26, 2013 | Tags: Awesome, Crafty Stuff, DIY, Featured

Balloon Twisting taken to another level. source

Batman in Other Movies (15 Pics)

July 25, 2013 | Tags: Awesome, Celebrities, Radass

Over the weekend at Comic-com, it was revealed that the sequel to “Man Of Steel” would not only have Superman, but also BATMAN. Frickin’ BATMAN! If you know anything about science, you know Planck’s law of Batmanality: everything is better when you add Batman. This works for Superman movies, games of tag, and book clubs,… Continue Reading

The BEST dad in the whole world [32 PICS]

July 24, 2013 | Tags: Awesome, Featured, Kids, People, Radass

Photographer Dave Engledow made this funny series of portraits of himself and his little daughter Alice Bee.                                                                

36 Amazing Military Photos

July 23, 2013 | Tags: Awesome, Heroes, Photography, Radass

From the pilot’s viewpoint: an F-15E Strike Eagle positions under the boom of a KC-135R Stratotanker during a training mission Dec. 17, 2010, over North Carolina. The F-15E is from the 335th Fighter Squadron from Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, N.C. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Michael B. Keller) An A-10 Thunderbolt II from the… Continue Reading

Most Insane Fireworks Pictures (14 Pics)

July 22, 2013 | Tags: Awesome, Other, Photography

Summer isn’t a Season, it’s Lifestyle (47 Pics)

July 21, 2013 | Tags: Awesome, Perfect World

Happy Saturday Everyone! Cheers! (47 Pics)

July 20, 2013 | Tags: Awesome, Parties

Photos Worth Seeing Before You Die (53 Pics)

July 20, 2013 | Tags: Awesome, Eye Candy, Other, Photography

We Like Drinking, So We Get Creative (15 Pics)

July 19, 2013 | Tags: Awesome, DIY, Featured

Some Photography is Just Mind-Blowing (28 Pics)

July 19, 2013 | Tags: Awesome, Other, Photography

Face Sitting is Planking for Perverts! (19 Pics)

July 18, 2013 | Tags: Awesome, Fads, Featured, Funny, WTF

It’s a Beautiful World (39 Pics)

July 16, 2013 | Tags: Awesome, Inspiring, Perfect World, Radass

Make Time in Life for Sexiness (53 Pics)

July 15, 2013 | Tags: Awesome, Girls, Perfect World

Dogs of Radass Fans (16 Pics)

July 15, 2013 | Tags: Animals, Awesome, Fan Submitted, Featured, Radass

Dogs of Radass Fans was a fun gallery to do. Keep sending in the pics so we can do another gallery and thanks tons to those that submitted. RFL! Tom Tuma – My dog Frodo Knows how to chill David Ettenhofer – My girlfriend’s dog ” Dolce” taking it easy! Falk Nahring – Winston, my… Continue Reading

22 Simple Things In Life That Make Us Happy

July 15, 2013 | Tags: Awesome, Featured, Perfect World, Radass

When a stranger stops the elevator for you Free samples Seeing a movie in an empty theater Finding a parking meter with time left on it When a vending machine accepts your dollar on the first try Showering for the first time after a haircut Using a new toothbrush for the first time The brief… Continue Reading

It Looks Like a Redneck Fixed It! (27 Pics)

July 14, 2013 | Tags: Awesome, Funny, LOL, People

If a redneck broke it, then a redneck fixed it. Gotta love a good ol’ hillbilly sense of craftsmanship!

Photos Worth Seeing (28 Pics)

July 13, 2013 | Tags: Awesome, Featured, Radass

Honey, I’m Buying a Motorcycle (12 Pics)

July 12, 2013 | Tags: Awesome, Bikes, Radass, Things I want, Vehicles

Send This Post to Your Best Friend (15 Pics)

July 10, 2013 | Tags: Awesome

14 Reasons Sandra Bullock Is So Fu@king Awesome

July 10, 2013 | Tags: Awesome, Celebrities, Celebs, Girls, Radass

She’s one badass lady and carries it well. She doesn’t take shit off of anyone. She knows how to have fun. Even her peers bow to her greatness. She knows how to eat and doesn’t care what others think. She turns everything she touches into gold. She’s not afraid to be silly. She can hold… Continue Reading

Life in a Boeing 727 (8 Pics)

July 10, 2013 | Tags: Awesome, Home Improvement, Perfect World

Living in a plane. What a creative idea! Joanne Ussary bought a used Boeing 727. She paid $2,000.00 for the plane. It cost $4,000.00 to move and $24,000.00 to renovate. But not bad for a $30,000.00 investment… The stairs open with a garage door remote and one of the bathrooms is still intact. There is… Continue Reading

What Awesome Things Have You Seen Today? (37 Pics)

July 9, 2013 | Tags: Awesome, Other, Perfect World, Photography

Snapchat Leaked (27 Pics)

July 9, 2013 | Tags: Awesome, Featured, Other, People

Snapchat has become one of the most popular ways to send photos to friends. The app works like this: You take a picture, set a time limit, and send it to a friend. Your friend can only see the image for X amount of seconds before it disappears forever. However, some people get sneaky and… Continue Reading

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