Woman Kicks Cat, Gets Hit With Some Instant Karma (Video)

Cat Attacks Woman In Snow

Michigan resident Maxx says all she was trying to do was protect her mother’s dog. This summer she had taken in a stray cat, whom she named ‘Buddy.’ On November 30, ‘Buddy’ attempted to attack the dog and that’s when Maxx tried to shoo him away. As you see will see below in the video taken by a security camera, she tries kicking snow at him. ‘Buddy’ responds by leaping at her head. He sinks his teeth front and back teeth into her forehead, causing a gash. He also claws her face, leaving marks on her cheeks. “Your first reaction was to get him off and when I went to go pull, I could feel his teeth,” says Maxx.

Cat attacks woman

Maxx ended up in the hospital and says she ended up getting an infection that manifested into cellulitis, causing her face to swell. Sanilac County officials picked up the cat and tested it for rabies. To do that, ‘Buddy’ had to be put down. The tests came back negative.

Maxx, who owns three other cats says, “I actually saved him from someone who was going put him down and he was sweet as pie. When they came to get him I couldn’t even watch because even though he did that to me, I couldn’t see them take him away because I knew what they were going do to him.” Maxx says she is still a cat lover and that she would try to save another stray if she could.

Cat attacks woman

She started that fight and the kitty finished it!!!! Go Kitty!!!!!!


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    • Bob

      Sweet? WTF! The lady didn’t start the problem. The cat did by attacking her mom’s dog.

  • cc

    Don’t attack a cat when you’re fat, drunk and stupid! Cat WINS!!!