Brazilian Lawyer Gives Up Career To Become Prostitute

Before last year, 34-year-old Claudia de Marchi was a well-respected Brazilian attorney and an expert in constitutional law. Today she works as a high paid sex worker, catering to the same businessmen and politicians that she might have defended in court.


Imagine telling your parents, after years of schooling and hard work, that you found a new calling as a sex worker. In Claudia’s case, the whole career switch was her mothers idea.

“One day my mother was watching a program on TV interviewing luxury escort girls and was captivated by what they were saying. She encouraged me and when I took that decision, she supported me all the way”.

“She said it was the most sensible decision that I’ve ever made in my life.”

While the transition from law to prostitution sounds like quite the downgrade, on paper Claudia is actually making a smart business decision. She currently makes over $100k a year, which shits on her old Lawyers salary.


Claudia abilities as a legal professional have led her to drive a hard bargain for potential Johns. She is know to refuses service to┬áclients who have bad grammar and who don’t share her political views.


“I do not attend to men who speak or write wrongly and those who approach me as if I were an object”.

“And I won’t have sex with anybody who doesn’t want to kiss me.”


At first the whole thing sounded pretty fuckin crazy, but i’m starting to realize that Claudia has it made. She’s making bank, letting out her inner freak, and only sleeping with guys that she would prolly go on a date with anyway. She also created a blog to make fun of some of idiots who try and buy her services.
In one message, a man says he only has 280 reals ($86USD). Claudia replies: “Use it well. This doesn’t even pay for a drop of my perfume. Kisses!”

And another man who begins his message “Good night. How much?” gets blocked.

Thats cold, but hey these guys should show a little more respect when speaking to a lawyer.