Video: Spring Break Brawler Unleashes Fury On Everyone In His Path

Looks like the UFC has found a brawler to boost their stagnant ratings. Seems like this guy could use some real competition, since it doesn’t look like anyone was sober enough to fight back. We don’t condone violence but this guys skill are pretty impressive.

While this savage seems to lack some basic technique, he more than makes up for it with heart and determination, launching haymakers at everyone standing within a half mile. Unfortunately for several of them, they got knocked out and probably were not even aware that they were involved in a fight.

The confusing part about this whole incident is that it all seems to play out like an orchestrated fight scene from a movie, with each opponent taking on this beast mono-e-mono. A more strategic and affective strategy would have been to rush him in numbers, subdue him and then a sure him that their was plenty of Keystone Ice left for him to enjoy.

Spring break is about poisoning your liver, chasing girls, and having a good time with your friends. If you’re beating up everyone on the beach your obviously in the wrong place. Unfortunately, bro’s who can’t get laid are extremely dangerous, especially in tropical beachy climates. For anyone enjoying spring break this week, remember violence is not a good way to deal with female rejection. Have fun and be safe.