The 5 Best Party Beaches and Where to Drink at Them

There are two types of beach vacationers — those who look for a place to relax with a drink in their hand and the quiet sounds of the ocean and those who want to crack open a six pack and party away the night with their friends.

For those people who are looking for the latter we present to you a list of the five best party beaches in America.

Visit these locations at the right time of year and you will find yourself picking and choosing which bars to drink at, which beach parties to crash, and which crazy fun events to attend.

To help you with your partying ways we have included popular bars you have to check out when you visit.

Here are the 5 best party beaches in America.

Venice Beach

Venice Beach. The 5 Best Party Beaches and Where to Drink at Them.

City: Los Angeles

One of the best reasons to visit Venice Beach is the culture. You’ll see all types of people walking and rolling around the area. There are also a ton of really cool street vendors to find that perfect vacation gift.

If you’re looking more for a party location there are plenty of popular hot spots to quench your thirst and your appetite for partying.

Check out the Canal Club every day between 5-7 p.m. for delicious $5 drinks. Then head over to Danny’s on Sundays for a Beats & Brunch special with bottomless mimos and a DJ.

Be sure to also check out High — the city’s only rooftop lounge that is located on the top of Hotel Erwin, overlooking Muscle Beach and the boardwalk.


Catalina Island


City: Santa Catalina Island, California

This is a popular destination for California residents who want to get away from the daily grind on the weekends and unwind with some friends and drinks.

This island is just one hour off the coast, making it a quick trip for some big fun.

Be sure to check out the Marlin Club, it’s by far the best dive bar on the island and will provide you with plenty of cheap drunks and mind-inducing Jell-O shots.


South Beach

South Beach Miami

City: Miami

We’re sure you have heard about the wild and crazy parties on South Beach but don’t head out without knowing the skinny on the scene.

Be sure to check out Wet Willies and Fat Tuesday. They are two of the must see spots for tourists.

But then immediately head to Downtown Miami’s E11EVEN. This fun spot features four fully-functioning 24-hour bars.

If you’re on business but want to party there is even an Executive Happy Hour.


South Padre Island


City: Cameron County, Texas

I don’t know anyone who has ever went to South Padre Island without the sole purpose of partying the entire time.

They say Texas turns up the heat and this popular party location definitely lives up to that reputation.

If you travel to this popular location it’s required that you check out Pier 19 and its eight-hour happy hour which goes down every single day. You can drink for a reduced price from 11-7 daily.


Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach

City: Virginia Beach, Va.

Why the turn up will be real: Virginia may be known for lovers, but it should be known for its bar scene too.

VA Beach’s boardwalk is home to a strip of bars, perfect for bar crawl enthusiasts.Cocomo Joe’s also shares its love for hearty happy hours, with a daily bar experience beginning at 11 a.m., showcasing their mojitos and black raspberry margaritas.