10 Of The Best Cosplayers Of All Time (Hints)

Did you know that Halloween isn’t the only event every year where adults and children alike can dress like their favorite superheroes, comic book characters and movie stars? Well it isn’t and Halloween is arguably the less popular of the two. Every year, all over the country, the masses gather to celebrate the nerdy, geeky and all things comical under one roof at the mecca of geekery: Comic-Con!

What started off as a gathering of geeks has become a full on movement. Comic-Con used to be a one location event that celebrated comic book fandom but now it has spread throughout the country with variations of the event popping up all over. And it’s no longer just for geeks or comic fans.

The draw of the event has spread to film, music, print and more making it a multimedia mega-event. You can see everything from the godfather of comics, Stan Lee, doing a Q&A to the man behind the Jason Voorhees mask, Kane Hodder, doing a signing and so much more. One of the most popular things at Comic-Con is the cosplay. Cosplay, to the uninformed, is when people dress as their favorite characters from comics or films.

Some would say it is just costumes but it’s gained such a following that it has spread into mainstream films, comic books and more. Cosplay is one of the biggest attractions at Comic-Con and other such events to the point of some fans paying thousands of dollars to have the best costume of the event. It’s paid off for a few too, as they’ve been hired for appearances in events all over. Impressive would be an understatement when it comes to some of the best costly around.

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Source: Hinter