Redditor Golfcrazenes18 Made A Cool-Ass Beer Pong Table With Beer Bottle Caps

It started as a boring, regular table from Target.

Says Golfcrazenes18, “I bought some old molding from Lowe’s and cut it down to size to make a nice frame around the table. I made two separate frames so I could still fold the table when I was done with it. I was debating what I should use to connect the frame to the table because I was planning on pouring resin to make a nice flat surface and definitely didn’t want any of that to leak. I ended up using this stuff called liquid nails and worked perfectly!”

“I didn’t take any pictures of me paining the table, but I ended up painting the table blue and the frame black….so you get the picture. Haha. But in this picture I started laying out all the caps. IMPORTANT! I read this online and its 100% true. The caps will float in the resin if they are somehow not attached to the table. So you need to initially glue down each cap then pour the resin.”

“Didn’t take any pictures of me pouring the resin because I was a one man team on this whole project and didn’t want to waste any time when working with the resin. I poured 2 quart per side of the table and the instructions mentioned only to pour 1 quart if its your first time, but I said to hell with that. In this pic the caps were glued and the resin was poured for one side. I had one small leak, but was able to fix it with some liquid nails.”

“Here is all the glue I used for one side. I do a tally of how much I spent in the end.”

Awesome BeerPong Table Made From Beer Caps. (4)
Awesome BeerPong Table Made From Beer Caps. (3)
Awesome BeerPong Table Made From Beer Caps. (2)