3 Surprising Facts About Super Bowl Sunday

With an epic Super Bowl Ll in the books, Radass brings you 3 little known facts about the biggest game of the year.

1. Food

Surprising Facts About Super Bowl Sunday

On Super Bowl Sunday Americans consume more food than any other day of the year, except Thanksgiving. It has been estimated that we collectively spend $50 million on food for the big day. Any football fan knows the Super Bowl Sunday isn’t complete without pizza, which is why pizza delivery guys log nearly 4 million miles supplying hungry fans with tasty goodness.

2. Beer

Surprising Facts About Super Bowl Sunday

Football and beer, could their be a better combo? Few would dare to make an argument considering that Americans consumed 325 million gallons of beer this past Sunday. Based on those numbers nearly every man, women and child would need to consume an entire gallon (and i’m sure for some a quite bit more). So how much does all this liquid courage cost? During the week leading up to the big day beer sales increase by almost $18 million.

3. The Hang Over

Surprising Facts About Super Bowl Sunday

Many could make the argument that the Monday after the Super Bowl should be a National Holiday. When you take into consideration that 6% of Americans call in sick and those who do make it to work are surely in rough condition, it seems like a logical solution to just give everyone the day off. Hopefully next year we can all look forward to staying in bed and nursing our (possibly even worse) hang over.