Asian Chick’s Boob Pops During Tattoo

Woman Pranks Tattoo Artist Boyfriend Into Thinking He Made Her Boob Explode

Brite Tattoo Shop

The artist who goes by the name ‘Feist’ was tattooing his 25 year old girlfriend Mint. Just as he started getting into a groove, one of Mint’s boobs straight up popped sending everyone into shock. Including the artist who jumped out of his chair.

Don’t worry though… as you’ve probably guessed, it was fake. Mint has put two big balloons up her shirt and had a friend film the whole thing. It appears to be a stunt to promote the tattoo parlor called the Brite Tattoo Shop in Pattaya, Thailand.

When asked about the video, Feist said “Mint had put the balloons on for fun, and to promote my shop. I did not think it would get this much attention.”