American Airlines Is Making Some Seriously Cool Upgrades

American Airlines is making some crazy upgrades to 550 of its planes, including new seats, new bedding, and satellite Wi-Fi.

In what is being called the “largest modernization project in aviation history”, American Airlines has just revealed plans for some seriously cool enhancements to their planes that will have their customers enjoying a much more comfortable in-flight experience. When talking about one of the 550 planes that will be undergoing renovation, Robert Isom, the president of American Airlines, told Business Traveler, “It’s going to have thinner and more comfortable seats, satellite Wi-Fi and a world-class library of stored content, videos and shows.” Passengers will also be upgraded with an in-flight messaging system that is compatible with Apple iMessaging.

american airlines

But wait, it gets even fancier! For those passengers on lengthy flights, if they’re traveling in first class, business class, or premium economy, they will receive some super fancy sleeping products. These products include a mattress pad and day blanket manufactured by Casper, a pillow, duvet, and their very own pajamas, and even a pair of slippers. Philip Krim, the co-founder and CEO of Casper, said, “In collaboration with American, we are now able to apply our expertise in sleep science to redefine comfort and sleep in flight.”

american airlines

In-flight sleeping is a challenge for most people, and that’s why Casper and American Airlines make the perfect team to provide passengers with the maximum amount of comfort while they’re traveling to their destination. These upgrades undoubtedly change the game of in-flight comfort and truly make for a relaxing and luxurious trip.