Could This Insane Floating Dock be the Future of Surfing?

Dock Surfing Looks Absolutely Insane

Dock Surfing

Stab Magazine:

Anchoring a 100 foot half tonne plastic raft in the middle of a surf break is no easy feat. At four am we were up, towing out what’s now known as “The Dock” in Bali for this concept shoot.

“It would just kill you if it hit you, yeah?” asked Noa Deane, after the fact. “What’s it weigh? Half a tonne? When it wears a wave on the head it kicks like a snake. Like, Balaram jumped up and went six feet in the air. Then he landed on the wire, so sketchy. It whips right at the end because it’s connected to a cable which adds extra tension.”

This floating dock looks equal parts cool and dangerous. On the one hand, it means surfers wouldn’t have to wait in the water for waves. But they would still have to paddle out to the dock. It also could end in a serious injury since most surfers don’t wear helmets. I can imagine that dock isn’t exactly soft. Nevertheless, this is a cool af idea.

This floating dock might possibly be the future of surfing. Check out this awesome video which shows “The Dock” in all its glory.