7 Best ways to wake up in the morning.

1 Badass Motorcycle Alarm Clock

This one may be a bit costly, but if you have an extra motorcycle lying around, bust it out and get ready to wake up in epic awesomeness. Wire your alarm clock to the starter, and when the alarm goes off, wake up to the glory of your two wheeled beast backfiring in your bedroom! (But don’t sleep through it because you could die from all those fumes.)

2 Let a Cat Rip You to Pieces

No one can sleep through the sharp claws of a cat ripping through your face! Sleep closely with a mouse, and set the cat’s cage up to a timer. When the timer hits, the cage will open, and the cat will pounce! (Warning, may cause serious facial damage!)

3 Rock out to Your Favorite Radio Station

There’s nothing like getting inspired for the day with your favorite music! Hook your stereo up to some big ass speakers, and when 7am hits, let the bass drop!

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4 Wake Up in Paradise

If you’re ready to spend those well earned vacation days from work, and peace and quiet is more your style, why not wake up on an island somewhere? There are several sites out there that will let you book a hotel with a gorgeous view. It could hit the pocket book pretty hard, but how can you put a price on perfection?

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5 Daily Spiritual Journey

This can be anything from a spiritual awakening, a motivational course, to yodeling on top of a hill. Seriously, the louder you yodel the better it works.

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6 Bacon

Bacon is the gift from above. It’s the purest most beautiful thing on this planet. So make piles of it!

7 Your Significant Other

We know it’s complicated … just let her have the sheets already, and maybe she’ll make you breakfast!

  • BCarlton

    I’ll have the #7 please!