7 best things to do on a date

Being on a date is a special time to make an impression, to share how you feel, to give roses, bust out a guitar and swoon your lover… and sport a fake name tattoo? Yes… read carefully.

1.) Play the guitar

Everyone loves to be serenaded by guitar. Learn a couple chords and practice a song before meeting your special someone. Don’t worry about making any mistakes, they’ll be forgiven for pouring your heart into it. Trust me.

 2.) Get in a bar fight

Bruised for a couple days… remembered for life. CAUTION: This one can become very dangerous, so tread cautiously.

3.) Fake missing teeth

Perfect for a first date, you’ll freak out your date at first sight but break the ice with a good laugh.

4.) Pile on the roses

Bring or send your date a pile of roses. Bouquets, different color roses, mix and match… your call.

5.) Impersonate country star Luke Bryan

With reflective jeans, cowboy boots and a glow-in-the-dark smile, she’ll know you’re not kidding around.

 6.) Recite a poem/song

It definitely is romantic… recommended: master #1 first.

7.) Sport a fake name tattoo

Sport a fake tattoo with your date’s name written on your body… there’s nothing like a gag that goes on for the whole date. Recommended: master #3 first.


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